Monday, 20 May 2013


‘A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life.’ – James Allen

 Whats up guys! I’m Jamie, a 20 yr old from London and welcome to LifeLogged - a Travel and Lifestyle blog. I’m a pretty rough and ready looking kind of guy, I get called Viking, Jesus, Caveman - that type of thing quite a lot. I don’t mind though, I know my beard is pretty sick.

This is Millie, our beautiful German Shepherd - She'll be featured in a few posts

I value experience above pretty much all else – I suppose my goal in life is to be a well experienced individual in what I’m interested in, whatever that may be at the time – its always changing slightly. The way I see it, a person without stories to tell, is a person who lead a wasted life. When I think of all the travelling I want to do, places I want to go, I never see it as me ‘visiting’ them, I always like to experience them instead. So what I mean by that is, I’d much rather live rough and get lost while I’m there rather then book a hotel and have a planned itinerary of attractions to go and see, sunbathe etc – not my kind of thing at all.

I grew up in Camden Town, literally just off the lock, most of my family still live there but we moved closer to my Dads business, firstly to Cricklewood, and now in Willesden, literally next door to it. Regardless of where I was I’ve always been obsessed with animals, travel and art/design since a young age. It started of with a fascination of dinosaurs which I’d spend hours drawing right up until now where I’m studying Industrial Design at Loughborough but at the same time constantly planning my next little adventure out into wild areas around the world.

Growing up, even though I lived in a big city, I don’t remember having any less then maybe 3 pets at a time. My dad owns a yard so we’ve always has at least one big guard dog – always German Shepherds, but they’d usually live in the house with us for periods. He’s also a man big into his garden, which the one in Cricklewood, was pretty impressive. I think the most amount of animals I remember having at once was 2 dogs, 4 axolotl, 5 geckos, 4 ducks, a pink eel, a small pond full of newts and frogs and then a large scuba-diving pond with maybe 50+ carp – but I have had hamsters, cats, budgies that type of thing, it actually wasn’t as much hassle as it sounds. Right now we’ve only got my girl Millie, she’s a pup German Shepherd, and a blue budgie called Ivy.
The reason I’ve started this blog is because I think it’s the best way to log and share all of my previous/planned trips and adventure as I explore my way through various countries, cultures, lifestyles and work on/develop design projects worldwide - hopefully.  If all goes well I’ll be able to look back through this blog when I’m older and relive all the adventures down to the smallest detail I might have forgotten about, whilst also giving you guys a good idea of which each experience was like, It’ll be a story tellers blog.

Basically, the type of thing I plan to be posting includes my travels – backpacker style & hotel living, wild adventures I go on such as climbing Kilimanjaro (posted soon!) along with some other feats I plan to overcome, but also much of the design work I hope to be taking part in around the world.

Hopefully you guys will find some of this stuff as interesting as I do.
Thanks for reading,

- Jamie

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